Begonia Bulbs

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Begonia Bulbs

By: Brent and Becky

The Perfect Fit
Choosing Tubers
Planting Begonias Outside
Begonia Care

The Perfect Fit:

Shady nooks in your yard can be tricky to fill. Trying to find a plant that prefers the dimmer conditions but is still vibrant can be difficult and a headache of trial and error. One of our favorite recommendations for that shady corner is a Begonia.

Begonias, especially tuberous begonias, are specialists in rich and dynamic color on bold and sturdy plants. You’ll rarely find another genus that has so much variety in shape, texture, color, and style. And you’ll certainly be hard-pressed to find a plant with such a perfect match of striking foliage and blossoms. Our begonias were chosen for their tolerance to warmer temperatures.

Big begonias can take their sweet time to grow and will cost an arm and a leg to buy when they’re full grown. If you get your tubers and plant in the warmth of spring, you can get the best of both worlds. Here’s how you can become a begonia expert overnight.

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Choosing Tubers:

A great plant starts with a great bulb. Begonias start from tubers, which work the same way as the bulbs you might be familiar with. If you’re looking for a healthy tuber, look for something that looks like a little shrivelled potato. Your tuber should have at least one eye or green growing tip, and should be firm to the touch – definitely not squishy.

We’re proud to offer our assistance in helping to pick out good bulbs. An order with us goes through thorough hand-screening processes to make sure you receive healthy bulbs. Growing your own begonias gets a lot simpler when you’re sure that your tubers are winners, and not duds!

There is a dazzling selection of begonia varieties. You’ll have the option not only to choose from different colors but also sizes, growing habits, and foliage. Trailing varieties are a great choice for hanging baskets, while other free-blooming divas are great centrepieces. View our selection of begonias in our online store.

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    Planting Begonias Outside:

    It’s time for the big move when the last frost is safely behind you. In order to avoid stunting your begonia, it’s best to wait to transplant them until the nights are staying consistently above 40 degrees.

    The ideal spot for your begonia is somewhere protected from the afternoon sun with decent air circulation. Morning sun only is ideal, but your begonia will struggle if it is getting sunburnt every day.

    Dig a hole that is 2 or 3 inches deep for your little sprouts to call home. This is a great chance to make sure that their soil is draining well, and to amend it with some extra peat moss, compost, or sharp sand if it’s forming puddles.

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    Begonia Care:

    If you plant your begonia well in good soil in the proper location, they’re quite easy to take care of! Water your plant when the soil is dry a few inches under the surface (try poking your finger into the soil to test it). If you want the best and brightest blooms, we always recommend amending your soil with compost first. If you’d rather use fertilizer, they’ll devour some every second week - use something with a high middle number, as a higher first number will give you some very beautiful foliage but few flowers.

    Begonias are beautiful plants that dazzle with their richness of color and wonderfully complimentary foliage. After choosing your favorite variety, these planting tips will help to ensure that you have the healthiest and most successful plant. We would love to help you make a statement out of what used to be just a quiet corner of your yard with our begonia tubers!

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