Happy Holidays from Brent and Becky!

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As 2020 winds to a close, we’d like to thank you, dear customers, for all your support and enthusiasm this past year. 

Gardening has always been a deeply positive aspect of life, but it’s become even more so in this time of COVID-19. So many people are gardening, it’s amazing, and the home retail gardening business dramatically improved, so we’ve had to adjust! 

It used to be that we sold about 75% of our bulbs wholesale to public gardens, landscapers, and the like. But the demand from home gardening retailers and homeowners shot up so much this past year that they became almost 75% of our business instead!




We received so many orders online that we had to pause on taking orders and catch up. We also had to spend a lot of time breaking our big bags of 50 or 100 bulbs down into packages of 6 or 10 because home garden retailers and homeowners like to order in smaller quantities. The post office loved us, because of the increased number of packages going out.

In summation... You’ve kept us busy! We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have all the business you so kindly gave us.


Most of all, we feel very blessed and thankful to be doing something that positively impacts people’s minds and moods.


We are also blessed to have our alms to keep us occupied. This time of year, we give back to the community by making our surplus bulbs available to churches, schools, and other non-profits. We get to be Santa Claus with the bulbs, and it’s one of the great joys of the season for us.




Most of all, we feel very blessed and thankful to be doing something that positively impacts people’s minds and moods. Our bulbs help people in all sorts of ways, whether it’s someone who has planted bulbs sharing the flowers with seniors who aren’t able to get out much, or a homeowner feeling lighter and happier every time she works in her flowerbed. Such a wonderful place to be healthfully engaged in life is the home and garden, where we can see what the good Lord provides when we put our hearts into these things.

With gardening and our day-to-day lives, it’s easy to impact somebody else’s mind and mood. So, let’s be a positive impact on each other’s lives. We can do so each day, if we are mindful, with things as simple as a smile, a wave, or a gift of a flower. 

Thank you for being such a positive impact on our lives! From everyone at Brent and Becky’s, we wish you all a happy holiday and encourage you to enjoy more play in your garden in the New Year.


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