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While I always love to wax poetic about the many bulbs we enjoy in our gardens, I’d be remiss not to mention the ones that double as interior decor. If you love to keep fresh flowers in every room, these fabulous bulbs are not to be missed. Grow them in your garden this year and save a bundle on the bouquets for sale at the florists!


Here are the bulbs that work best for displaying in cut arrangements, and some varieties from our catalogues that I encourage you to see for yourself.



Allium (Fall planted)

Allium, or ‘ornamental onions,’ are standouts in the garden thanks to their interesting globe-shaped flower heads. They also happen to be among the best bulbs for naturalizing in the garden. In bouquets, their unique shape is even more pronounced. We even cut these and hang them upside down to dry, then spray paint them different colors to be put back in the garden, or used as interior decor. This technique works best with the more open Alliums, like Allium schubertii


Try Allium ‘giganteum’: Softball-sized blossoms packed tight with lilac-purple florets look stunning in bouquets. 40”-40” tall, winter-hardy to zones 4-9.



Tulip (Fall planted)

A seasonal favorite, a bouquet of Tulips sings with springtime beauty! A large assortment of shapes and colors, plus the option of single or double flowers, means you can create some exceptionally beautiful bouquets with just Tulip varieties alone. There are also varieties that have variable bloom colors, it is almost like a designed arrangement, even though it is one in the same, like Tulip ‘Beauty of Apeldoorn’ or like Tulip ‘Gudoshnik Double’

Try Tulipa ‘Double Sugar’: It’s hard to beat the appeal of this incredible double-flowered Tulip, with petals that fade inward from deep pink to frosted white and reveal a yellow center. A star in any arrangement, and one of our favorite tulips for sale in our Fall catalogue. 14”-18” tall, winter-hardy to zones 3-8.


Daffodil (Fall planted)

It’s no secret that we’re passionate about Daffodils, and they look as beautiful in a vase as they do in the garden. A full bouquet of daffodils makes a perfect springtime centerpiece on the kitchen table. We love them all, but if you want a truly wonderful experience, try the more fragrant varieties in Division 7 Jonquilla and Division 8 Tazetta Daffodils which are the most fragrant!


Try Narcissus ‘Classic Garden’: A truly traditional Daffodil with golden yellow petals and a bright orange cup. Sturdy stems support the flower well for a gorgeous cut flower display. 13”-18” tall, winter-hardy to zones 3-8.



Calla Lily (Spring planted)

The false flower of the Calla Lily is the picture of refinement, with a single spathe that wraps around the central spadix. Callas look beautiful as a single cut flower displayed in a simple, slender vase, or in abundant bouquets of flowers and foliage.


Try Zantedeshia ‘Sapporo’ for the simple beauty of classic white, or for some fun summer color, try the tropical-toned Zantedeschia ‘Mango’. Both 12”-18” tall and winter-hardy to zones 7-10.

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Lillium (Spring and Fall planted)

Otherwise known as simply “Lilies,” these are Brent’s second favorite flower (Daffodils are #1)! The differences in height, color, and shape give you many options in your indoor arrangement. The dramatic star-shaped blooms and vibrant patterns of these bulbs tend to steal the show!


Try Lilium ‘Sweet Surrender’ makes an emotional statement in arrangements for any occasion—whether you’re walking down the aisle, or pleading for forgiveness! 3’-4’ tall, winter-hardy to zones 3-10.



Gladiolus (Spring planted)

These old-fashioned flowers are famous for a reason! Inexpensive, striking in the garden, and as floriferous as they come, these striking bulbs are perfect for filling up sturdy vases in the summertime. And the variety is colors is almost as wide as the Tulips!


Try Gladiolus ‘My Love’ is a high-contrast beauty with white petals splashed with reddish-burgundy accents. An excellent flower for cutting to tie together bouquets with white, pink, and purple blooms. 18”-36” tall, winter-hardy to zones 8-10.


Dutch Iris (Fall planted)

The unmistakable blooms of the Dutch Iris always stand out in the garden, so you can imagine how head-turning they are as cut flowers. Not only do they look fabulous in arrangements, but they also last a long time after cutting.


Try Iris Dutch ‘Carmen’, a very pretty cultivar with soft white and pink petals and golden yellow contrasting accents. A perfect flower for your Mother’s Day bouquet. 19”-24” tall, winter-hardy to zones 6-8.



Liatris (Spring planted)

The power of Liatris as a cut flower is in its ability to act in a starring or supporting role in bouquets. A bundle of the tall flower spikes makes for a romantic arrangement on its own, but a few well-placed stems also add great texture to complex arrangements.


Try Floristan ‘Alba’, a white cultivar that blends perfectly with absolutely anything—including itself! 12”-24” tall, winter-hardy to zones 3-8.


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All of the above-recommended bulbs are available for sale now, though fall-planted bulbs won’t be shipped until September 2020. Visit our website to browse our full Spring and Fall catalogues, and make sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and bulb growing tips all year long!


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