Brent’s Favorite Bulbs for More Blooms per Stem

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Multi-flower bulbs, that is, ones that feature many blooms per stem, create an incredibly lush and colorful look in your garden. These make excellent choices if you want more blooms in your yard without having to grow additional plants. Some of the bulbs we breed ourselves are multi-flowered, and you can rest assured these are among the top bulbs you can grow in your garden.




Brent’s Favorite Floriferous Bulbs

Depending on the color scheme or flower type you’d like in your yard, many bulbs offer multiple blooms per stem!


Some Daffodils, or Narcissus, are multi-flowered. With our very own Moonlight SensationStarlight Sensation, and Sunlight Sensation, each bulb produces two or three bloom stalks, whereas others produce only one. And with the Sensation series, you can expect each bloom stock to have three to five flowers. All three have a lovely fruity fragrance and are midseason bloomers and, depending on which one you choose, have flowers in white or yellow. Our fall-planted catalog features many more multi-flowering Daffodils, so take a look through there to find one with the right size and color for your garden.




    Many Tulips also offer multiple blooms per stem. In general, the bigger the bulb, the more flowers you can expect per stem. Tulips come in an incredibly diverse range of colors and sizes—that’s why we call them the peacocks and parrots of the bulb world! Tarda has star-shaped, yellow, and white flowers and grows up to six inches tall. The fragrant Turkestanica has white petals and an orange center. This one can boast up to 10 blooms on a single stem!


    Alliums, or Ornamental Onions, feature multiple blooms per stem and are a favorite among pollinators. Some Alliums have flower heads the size of volleyballs! They come in shades of pink, purple, white, and yellow. Cameleon is a fun one since its flowers change color from dark rose to white with rose veins. For a cheery lemon-yellow flower, opt for Flavum, which has small quarter-size flowers.




      Some Hyacinth bulbs like White FestivalPink Festival, and Anastacia have up to 20 slender stems and 10 to 20 florets per stem. These are fragrant, early to mid-spring bloomers, and are pest resistant. Hyacinths have a more rigid, uniform structure, so complement geometric designs well.


      Muscari, or Grape Hyacinth, are fun flowers that not only look like grapes but smell like them too! The long-lasting blooms are available in blue, yellow, and white shades, blooming between early and late spring, depending on the cultivar. Big Smile features larger florets than other cultivars and works well as a shoes-and-socks plant, covering the stems of taller plants behind them, since they grow up to only seven inches tall.




      All Lilies have multiple blooms on each stem, adding to why they are perhaps the most adored bulb group in the summer garden. Plus, they come in all sorts of colors, and pollinators love them! Pink Perfection (Trumpet) has exquisite cabernet-colored blooms, while Forever Susan (Asiatic) features burgundy and orange flowers that stand out beautifully against the green foliage, just to name a couple of options.


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        There are tons of possibilities for you to choose from if you want to plant multi-flowered bulbs. Growing these varieties this fall allows you to maximize your space for the biggest possible impact!


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