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Hippeastrum Gardening - Pink Flowers


By: Brent and Becky

How to Grow Hippeastrum
Hippeastrums for the Holidays

In the world of Christmas gifting with plants, few flowers are quite as beloved as heavenly hippeastrums. Known for their unbelievably beautiful, star-shaped blooms that come in a rainbow of beautiful colors and patterns, they brilliantly burst into life when the weather is cold. Not to mention, unlike gift cards, they last for years, making them perfect for showing your loved ones how much you care.

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How to Grow Hippeastrum

Growing the best hippeastrum starts with picking the best bulb. When picking one out - whether for yourself or for gifting - always look for the larger, heavier bulbs, which promise more blooms than their smaller counterparts.

With the perfect bulb in hand, it’s time to start planting. Unlike daisies and tulips, which need to be planted deeply, hippeastrum bulbs need to be close to the surface to grow their show-stopping blooms. Rather than burying it below the surface, leave the neck of the bulb exposed.

Used to the tropical life down South, your hippeastrum will need lots of light to grow. Place it near a bright window, and you shouldn’t have any issues. If you find that it’s toppling over, remember that hippeastrums grow toward the light, and if they’re only receiving it on one side, things can get lopsided quite quickly. You can also try staking them to hold them straight up and down.

After placing it the perfect placement in your home, you’re ready to get the growing process started. Start by watering the bulb sparingly to give it the moisture it needs to stir into action. Then, once the appearance of green life bursts through at the top, you can start watering more regularly. Hippeastrum is very susceptible to rotting if over-watered, so make sure to have good drainage and let the soil dry slightly between waterings.

It won’t be long before you see some spectacular blooms bursting forth to dazzle in your pot. Remember to deadhead your spent flowers throughout the season and fertilize in the summer to encourage blooms for next year. In fall, your plant will be ready for a quick rest and should be moved to a cool, dark place for 6-8 weeks to encourage blooming once again.

Hippeastrums for the Holidays

When it comes to holiday gifting, finding the perfect present can be difficult. Not just an age-old tradition, gifting hippeastrum is the perfect way to offer a unique gift that lasts. Here are some of our favorites that make excellent gifts to others or yourself.

Christmas Gift Hippeastrum White flowerChristmas Gift offers stunning snow-white blooms that perfectly match any Christmas decor.

samba hippeastrum bulb Brent and Becky's online storeSamba offers white blooms painted with bright magenta pink that you will love to feature as your centerpiece.

Red Lion Hippeastrum Brent and Becky's Online StoreRed Lion captures the essence of the holiday season with deep, captivating crimson color.

Exotic Star Hippeastrum at Brent and Becky's Online Store Gloucester VirginiaExotic Star creates a beautiful scene with creamy white flowers streaked in red and pink veins unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

Marilyn Hippeastrum Gloucester Virginia at Brent and Becky's StoreMarilyn steals the show as much as Monroe, with delicate cream-colored petals in layers upon layers you won’t be able to resist.

When it comes to floral gifting during the holidays, hippeastrum often comes first to our minds because you know you’ll be getting picturesque blooms, perfect for the most wonderful time of the year - every year.

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