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At this most wonderful time of year, you might be thinking less about your spring garden and a little more about gifts for friends and family. We love anything that brings a smile to a loved one’s face, and for gardeners, there’s no shortage of options! Whether you’re making a shopping list or a wish list, these great gift items are sure to brighten someone’s day—not to mention next year’s garden.


'Plant Bulbs and Harvest Smiles' Sign - This sign has a special place in our hearts because it truly reflects why we’re so in love with our flower gardens. While it may be our personal slogan, we have no doubt that this sentiment will resonate with any gardener in your life.


Stainless Steel Trowel - Garden trowels do a lot of heavy lifting in the garden, and truth be told, we can never have too many. We love these ones because of their bright red ribbed handles, which prevent slipping and stand out against the plants and soil—great for forgetful gardeners! The stainless steel blades are also highly resistant to rust. We carry these trowels in 9”,12”, 14”, and 22” models. 


CobraHead Tool - Know a gardener that has it all? Why not give them a tool that does it all! This genius garden tool weeds, edges, cultivates, plants, transplants—the list goes on. We like to think of the CobraHead as a “steel fingernail”! We also carry a “mini” version for the budding gardener in your life.


Great Bulb Gardening Gloves - When you’ve been gardening as long as we have, it’s only natural to get a little picky about which gardening gloves you prefer. These are our favorites because they solve the problem we have with so many heavy-duty pairs—you can actually feel the plants! These gloves are not waterproof, but they do keep the dirt out of your fingernails. We have them in sizes small, medium, and large.


Heat Mat - For the dedicated bulb lover who loves forcing bulbs indoors, this heat mat is a must-have! The mat gives off a nice radiant heat and has handy planting and lighting tips on one side. Use the mat to give bottom heat to Paperwhites for fragrant, healthy plants. You can also use this mat to help your seed starters along during the cold weeks before planting season.


Indoor Holiday Cheer - Hurry, we only keep limited supplies of these beautiful bulb bundles! Each package contains one red Amaryllis bulb, 5 Paperwhite bulbs, and 10 Oxalis bulbs, along with a 12” pot and a small bag of soil. (Note: Sorry, the soil isn’t included in shipments to California!) We’ve also included instructions for how to put them together with a photo of the finished arrangement in full bloom. This is an excellent last-minute gift for a school teacher or colleague—just add a bow!



Attracting Beneficial Bugs” by Jessica Walliser - An excellent gift for organic gardeners, veggie gardeners, and just about anyone else who wants to learn how bugs can replace chemicals in the garden! Written by organic gardening expert Jessica Walliser, this book is full of great information on creating a balanced, healthy ecosystem in your garden by attracting beneficial insects. Plus, Ms. Walliser’s gorgeous photography of the bugs in your garden are fascinating for gardeners young and old!


Foodscape Revolution” by Brie Arthur - Edible gardening has come back into fashion, thank the heavens! For the folks in your life who are interested in jumping on the veggie gardening bandwagon, this book by Brie Arthur is a fabulous guide. Readers will find insights on how to start a veggie garden with the space you have, growing tips, plus lots of yummy ideas for using and storing your harvest.


Gift Certificates - For the gardener who already has everything on this list, you can’t go wrong with one of our gift certificates! Our spring items will be available for order in January, and with a gift certificate at the ready, your loved one can gleefully snap up their spring and summer favorites the moment they’re up for sale.


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Ultimately, the most important thing is to give with a full heart. We believe that love and gratitude are truly the best gifts of all, and when you give them, your happiness grows and grows. Happy Holidays from Brent, Becky, Jay, and Denise!


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