3 Unique Bulbs for Fall Planting

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3 Unique Bulbs for Fall Planting


Fall is the time to start planning ahead for spring by getting those spring-flowering bulbs into the ground before the frost hits. And while there are certain “go-to” bulbs we return to each year—tulips, daffodils, alliums—there are many other, unique fall-planted bulbs that are less heard of, but just as stunning. Here are a few of our favorites:


triteleia triplet lily unique bulbs fall planting



With it’s wonderful, upward-facing, bell-shaped flowers, Triteleia is a real treat for the late spring garden. As one of the few American native plants, it needs very little care to grow in zones 5-9. But, while it doesn’t need much to grow, it certainly brings a whole lot to the table with its beautiful blooms. See, on this unique bulb, the leaves will actually shrivel back just before blooming, giving the blooms a true chance to be the stars of the show.

Plant your Triteleia in full sun to part shade in very well-draining soil. Enjoy their blooms both in the garden or in the vase, as they also make a spectacular cut flower!


dracunculus dragon flower unique bulbs fall planting



Also known as Dragon Plant, Dracunculus is possibly one of the most unique bulbs you can add to your fall planting. With tall—up to 3 feet tall—reddish-black spikes standing high over a sheath of leaves and a leopard-spotted stem, the aesthetic of this plant appears truly out of this world. And that otherworldly quality is only further accentuated by it having a few days of a strangely pungent smell that accompanies it. It does this to attract pollinators! This truly sets it apart from anything else in your landscape.

Plant your Dracunculus in full sun to part shade and enjoy their strange flowers in early summer, followed by bursts of scarlet red berries. Hardy in zones 6-9, but with the right care, can be nursed in zone 5, as well.


ipheion star flower unique bulbs fall planting



The six petals of the star-shaped Ipheion, available in a variety of colors from light blue to striped purple, make this early to late-spring blooming bulb a perfect choice for “shoes and socks” (planted at the feet of other plants) in your spring landscape. With grassy foliage, they blend easily into the landscape, making them a great choice for borders. Plus, they offer a fantastic, sweet fragrance in bloom that, oddly enough, changes to a more garlicky tone when crushed, making it an ideal candidate for fending off unwanted pests.

To enjoy the sweet performance of these bulbs in your landscape this spring, plant them in a spot with full sun where they won’t be overshadowed by other, bigger bulb plants.


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When fall comes around and it’s time to start prepping those spring beds with bulbs, why not take the road less traveled? Not only will you enjoy a garden blooming with color and contrast, but you’ll also enjoy the envy of all your neighbors as they drool over the new, unique plants they only wish they had thought of, too! To discover these plants and more fall-planted bulbs, visit our online store and shop today.



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