What’s New in Our Fall 2020 Catalogue?

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Now that we’re in August, fall planting season will be here before we know it! Our fall-planted, spring-blooming bulbs are ready to order, so today I’m giving you a sneak peek at some of the exciting new items in our lineup. These are just a few of the new “faces” for fall 2020, but you can browse the full catalogue online to discover more additions and old favorites to get in the ground this fall. In the meantime, here are a few you’ve got to try!


Chaenomeles Double Take Series

This series of deciduous shrubs is brand new to our catalogue this year. We rarely venture into selling shrubs, but we’re good friends with the growers of this very special series. Chaenomeles, also known as Flowering Quince, is a gorgeous spring-flowering shrub with large, rose-like double blossoms that extend your spring color and complement a lot of our favorite bulbs. It’s available in three colors; Peach, which creates gorgeous color echo with pink Daffodils, Pink, which contrasts beautifully with the white Daffodil varieties, and Scarlet, which looks beautiful paired with flowers all across the spectrum. Winter hardy to zones 5-9.




Eremurus ‘Bubble Gum’

Also known as Foxtail Lily, Eremurus is a really fun one to watch in the garden. Eremurus is characterized by a strong stalk covered in hundreds of star-shaped florets with prominent stamens. This variety has lovely pink petals, darker pink midribs, and yellow anthers. This variety blooms in very late spring in the period when early spring flowers have faded, and summer blooms have yet to open. Its exciting texture and electric pink color are magnetic to pollinators; you can stare at it for hours to watch the show! It’s also a great, long lasting cut flower, and wonderful in a meadow garden or at the back of the border. Winter hardy to zones 5-8.

subscribe to our newsletterHelleborus ‘Dark and Handsome’

For those of you who adore black flowers, for the illusion of shadow in your garden, this is one for your collection! This absolutely striking Helleborus, or Lenten Rose, is an incredible shade of black-purple with pale centers that pop against the petals. The leathery, evergreen foliage is also very attractive to behold, whether or not the plant is in bloom. The only ones who won’t be captivated by this aptly-named flower are the garden critters! Winter hardy to zones 4-9.




Hippeastrum Sonata-type

Bred in South Africa, where their fall is our springtime, these are some of the best Hippeastrum (or ‘Amaryllis’) flowers for forcing thanks to their perfect proportions for pot culture. While the flowers are large and dramatic, measuring up to 5” in diameter, the rest of the plant is a little more compact to prevent top-heaviness. We carry three Sonata types; the creamy-white Alfresco, the white-with-pink-outline Harlequin, and the blushing pink and white Zombie. Great for forcing indoors anywhere in the continental USA, but also great in the garden with winter hardiness zones 7-11.


Hyacinth ‘General Kohler’

Ahh, the scent of spring! Hyacinthus, or simply ‘Hyacinths,’ are well-known for their delightful fragrance, and General Kohler is no exception. What sets this variety apart is its magnificent double flowers in a lovely shade of lavender blue. We love this size because it’s tall enough to put on a show but compact enough that it doesn’t require staking—great for bedding, forcing indoors, or as a cut flower in your spring bouquets. Winter hardy to zones 4-8.




Iris cristata ‘Eco Bluebird’

A real cutie! This teeny-tiny Crested Iris stands just 6-8 inches tall, but she makes a splash with her blue-purple petals with orange and white throats lined with navy blue. While not a bulb, this is a charming little perennial that doesn’t require much maintenance and looks great in your perennial borders or as a “shoes and socks” flower to plant below your shrubs. Winter hardy to zones 5-9.


Muscari ‘Maxabel’

Look down, look wayyy down at this absolutely adorable Muscari, or ‘Grape Hyacinth,’ variety. “Cute” doesn’t quite describe this miniature Muscari with the cheeky name! Standing just 2-6” tall, the tiny grape-scented florets bloom bright blue on the bottom half and cool white near the top. An unusual selection that is sure to make you smile! Winter hardy to zones 4-9.




Daffodil ‘Golden Delicious’

It’s hard for me to choose a favorite Daffodil at the best of times, but this one is sure up there! If you’ve grown Double Smiles in the past, you’ll love its sister seedling, Golden Delicious for its improved double flowers, “delicious” fragrance, and more numerous blooms! Double-flowering Daffodils produce no stamens, and therefore varieties like this are much longer-lasting in the garden. Not to mention, they’re just so pretty! Winter hardy to zones 4-8.


Tulipa ‘Amazing Parrot’

All Tulips are pretty amazing, so when a variety has “Amazing” in the name, you know it’s gotta be pretty special. This is a color-changing variety, with ruffled petals that open to pinkish purple and orange and change as the flower matures. If you love a Tulip that makes a statement, this one’s for you! Winter hardy to zones 3-8.


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Getting excited to start planting your spring garden? Fall-planted orders ship after September 1st and all supplies are limited, so make sure to order now to reserve your favorites before they’re spoken for!


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