Finding Calm in the Garden with a Garden Nook

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While many of us are struggling with postponed or canceled plans, the good news is that nothing has stopped spring from arriving on time! If you're feeling cooped up inside your house, try finding solace in the garden for a change of scenery. Here's how you can create a calming garden nook:


Where to Create a Garden Nook

The best thing about creating your own little oasis is that it can be whatever you want or need it to be. If you've got ample space and want to build your garden nook on the edge of your property, as far away from your house as you can get, that's great! If you can step right out of your home into your garden or patio nook, that's just as wonderful. What I will say is, the more secluded your space is, the more peaceful it will be. A wall of trees, a tall fence, or even the corner of your patio will make the area feel comfortable and cozy, and provide a much-needed sense of security.


How to Create a Garden Nook

Creating a garden nook for you and your family is pretty simple: choose an area of your landscape, plant your favorite plants, and include features that you enjoy. Here are some of our best ideas that seem to work well:


Trees and Shrubs: There's no denying the therapeutic effect of plants and nature, especially for green thumbs like us! Perennial trees and shrubs are reliable choices that will ensure your nook always has some greenery, and they'll also act as a screen to make your space more private. 




Colorful Bulbs: Perk up your nook with some of these beautiful flowering bulbs. Classic beauties like Dahlias, Gladiolus, and Begonias bring effortless color and charm to your garden space. These and other gorgeous, summer-flowering bulbs are available to order online right now, through our Spring-Planted catalogue. We'll ship them right to your door!


Water Features: When you think of all of the peaceful sounds of nature, water is usually among the first things that come to mind. Whether it's the soothing sound of a trickling brook, waves crashing on the sand, or a rushing waterfall, water has an undeniable therapeutic effect. Take advantage of this natural de-stressor by including a water feature, such as a fountain or birdbath, in your garden nook. You can also make your own water feature by filling an old garden pot with water and installing a water gurgler or pump, which you can pick up the next time you need something at the department or hardware store. 




Outdoor Lighting: Outdoor lighting is a must if you want to enjoy your yard both day and night. Lighting contributes to the overall ambiance of your outdoor space and will help you to feel calm and relaxed. Hang lanterns from trees or place string lights around your patio—just make sure the lights you use are outdoor-approved.




Comfortable Seating: For now, this might be a camping chair you have stored in your basement, or a picnic blanket laid out on the ground, but consider what furniture you'd eventually like to add to complete your outdoor oasis. We love the idea of a hammock or an outdoor swing to provide some soothing movement!


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On the next nice, sunny day in your area, take a break from the glowing screens and head out into your garden instead. Start building your own little garden nook—a place to escape and read, meditate, drink your morning coffee, or simply relax with your family. We promise the fresh spring air will do nothing but good for your soul. 


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