Top Bulbs to Plant for 2020

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A new gardening season is upon us, and with it, a new selection of delights for your garden! We’ve been fortunate this year to find new and exciting bulbs to add to our seasonal catalogues for 2020, and we couldn’t wait to share a few of them with you.

Here are the top new bulbs to plant in the spring of 2020, available now in our Summer catalogue:


Best New Spring-Planted, Summer-Blooming Bulbs

The soil will soon be warm enough to plant throughout most of the country, and that means it’s time to start thinking about our spring-planted bulbs. These five bulb cultivars are new to our catalogue this year, and we know that each one of them will bring you even more smiles when their summer blooms arrive. Here are the best new bulbs to plant in the spring of 2020, available now in our Summer catalogue:



Allium Medusa: This light-purple ornamental onion gets her mythical name from the twisty, turning foliage that surrounds her globe-shaped flowers. Her lively blooms draw crowds of pollinators, but leave critters stone-faced. Hardy to zones 4-8, 20”-24”. 


Caladium Party Punch: Where’s the party? It’s happening on this bulb’s punchy pink leaves with dark pink venation and green margins! Party Punch is sure to be the most colorful foliage plant in your garden this year. Hardy to zones 10-11, 10”-16”.


Amarine Belladiva: This bulb has ten vibrant flowers per stem that remind us of our childhood days blowing (and popping!) bright-pink bubblegum bubbles. A cheerful presence in the late summer and fall garden. Hardy to zones 8-10, 24-36”.



Dahlia Melody Dora: It simply wouldn’t be summer without Dahlias, and Melody Dora is a crowd-pleasing performer that will earn a standing ovation in your summer garden. The huge, 4” flowers feature pink and salmon edges fade inward to a shade of soft, buttery yellow. An excellent bulb for containers! Hardy to zones 7-10, 2’-3’.


Hemerocallis Apricot Sparkles: This ultra-hardy Daylily shows off fabulous apricot color with its ruffled petals. Apricot Sparkles is a dwarf cultivar that works well in garden beds and containers, and it blooms continuously from spring to summer for months of delightful “sparkle.” Hardy to zones 3-9, 12”-16”.


Best New Fall-Planted, Spring-Blooming Bulbs

Dwarf Iris are lots of fun to look at since they all feature such beautiful combinations of colors and patterns. My favorite is Katherine Hodgkin, an especially-showy, very early spring-blooming cultivar. Her flowers feature striped white and greenish-blue standards with paler falls that show off bright yellow, violet, and white spots. A breathtaking beauty that is hardy enough for zones 3-9! 


Narcissus ‘Barenwyn’: A new take on an old classic; these bright golden daffodils have broad, frilled cups that were bred with bouquet-lovers in mind. A gorgeous bulb cultivar for early to mid-spring blooms. Winter-hardy to zones 3-7, 16-18”.



Narcissus ‘Stef: We’re sweet on Stef; her crisp white petals open to reveal a wide, deep pink cup with a yellow base that matures to white. This bulb’s simple beauty and non-traditional colors stand out in the mid-to-late spring garden. Winter-hardy to zones 3-8, 18”-20”.


Tulipa Firework: Stand back; this tulip’s explosion of fiery color is cause for a late-spring celebration! Not many bulbs attract as much attention as this flamin’ hot gold and red cultivar. Winter-hardy to zones 3-8, 14”-17”.


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Ready to start planting for a year of beautiful bulbs? Spring-planted items start shipping as early as March 15, and since we only select the highest-quality bulbs, supplies are limited. Order your 2020 bulbs today and look forward to another year of quality color, from our gardens to yours.



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