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The fall and spring are the two precious times of the year to plant bulbs. Though we may not want to think about fall now that we're at summer's feet, it's the perfect time to review our faded spring gardens and see what we can add when fall comes around. With unique new varieties and old favorites, our fall 2020 catalogue sneak preview will inspire you with fresh ideas for your garden.


Tulip, Ollioules

This Tulip variety has a classic rose color with silvery-white fringes. It sprouts with a sturdy stem and blooms mid-spring with long-lasting flowers. This long-term perennial will reward you with color for many years to come. 




Camassia, Pink Star

We can hardly say enough about the heavenly beauty of Camassias. Not only do they nourish your senses, but they were once a staple food of many Native Americans. They also historically made it into the diet of Lewis and Clark during a period of hunger, when Sacajawea harvested Camassia bulbs to share with them. The Pink Star is a special variety. This moisture-tolerate Camassia displays wonderful spiky flowers in the very late spring. Pollinating insects love to feast on this one, too.


General Kohler, Double Flowering Hyacinth 

Double flowering Hyacinths were in vogue in Holland and Europe before the Second World War and then stopped being sold. Fortunately, gardeners preserved this lavender-like flower. Its graceful blue blossoms have a European elegance that contrasts wonderfully with the native Camassias.   


Daffodil, "Avalanche"

This is one of our favorite single Daffodils. This multi-flowering variety features 15-20 blooms per stem with butter-yellow, demitasse-shaped cups in that project slightly beyond creamy white petals. However, the standout feature of Avalanche is her incredible scent—the sweetest of all the Daffodils in our lineup!




Muscari (Grape Hyacinth), Maxabel

This small, cute Hyacinth rises only 2" tall but catches your eye with its composite blue flowers and white florets. It's great for planting "on" pots. (We like to say "planting ON" pots rather than "in" because it's more important to leave room for the roots to grow than it is to plant them deeply.) The cheekily-named Maxabel makes a lovely addition to your garden as well.  




Daffodil, Golden Delicious 

A friend of ours breeds this Daffodil for its sweetly fragrant double blossoms. Double Daffodils generally bloom longer than singles because the doubles have no stamen. This gorgeous, yellow bloomer is no exception. It produces even more flowers than Double Smiles, making it one of our most attractive bulbs.


Chaenomeles (Flowering Quince), Double Take Peach 

Even though we're bulb lovers, we couldn't help including this shrub in our preview. It blooms throughout the spring and is still blooming in our garden, even now. Its exquisite peach color echoes beautifully with pink Daffodils and will complement any surrounding bulbs.




Tulip, Danique

This spectacular Tulip was specially bred from cultivars that are known to be challenging to breed. In our opinion, the effort was well worth the reward! The yellow heart of these flowers flows into pink tips, giving it beautiful color contrast all on its own. It's one of the many treasures of the Tulip family that can lend incredible diversity to your garden. 


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