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When it comes to bulbs for pollinators, we know and love our favorites, from Tulips to Hyacinths. But when it comes to planting them in the garden, it can be tough to know what to plant together that will look good and grow together in a companion relationship, until everything is already in the soil. Luckily, we’ve been working with all of these bulbs for years! We know the best bulbs to plant together for a stunning show, and we’ve come up with an easy way to share our findings with you: collections. These bulb mixes are tried and true combinations that look good and work well together to bring in the pollinators to your landscape:


blue chionodoxa pollinator bulb collection


Best Bulb Collection for Pollinators in Early Spring: Chionodoxa Mixture

This picture-perfect pairing of bright and cheery Chionodoxa flowers in this mixture is one that both you and the pollinators won’t be able to resist. The sensational, star-shaped flowers dazzle in a myriad of beautiful hues of light pinks, blues, and whites to paint your landscape in pastels early in the spring. And it’s not just you who’ll think the whole scene is just pretty as a picture. Bees are a number one fan of this flower, and a fresh patch of them in an array of colors is a truly irresistible sight—especially just after winter. Seriously, you won’t be able to keep them away!


purple allium pollinator bulb collection


Best Bulb Collection for Pollinators in Mid to Late Spring: Butterfly Mix

If you love the look of a wild meadow speckled with spots of unbelievable color, this Butterfly Mix will be a hit with both you and our fluttering friends. Filled with tall, globes of purple Allium flowers, and beautiful yellow and white natives, butterflies will instantly recognize and be drawn to this mix. Not only does it give them a familiar food source, but it also offers a comfortable refuge for them to stop and take a rest after a long day of flitting from flower to flower. And with a field of it so easily accessible, they won’t ever want to leave! 


white anemone blue crocus pollinator mix bulb collection


Best Bulb Collection for Pollinators in Mid Spring: Nectar for Healthy Bees Mix

These are the best bulbs to plant for healthier pollinators, and a healthier ecosystem! As we all know, bees are responsible for pollinating ⅓ of the world’s food source and without them, we’d quite literally be starving. So, with their dwindling population growing more and more as a concern, we here at Brent & Becky’s are always looking for ways to give them the boost they need to stay healthy and strong, which is why we’ve put together this marvelous mixture just for them: Nectar for Healthy Bees. Of course, you’ll love it, too! The brilliant white and blue contrast of Crocuses and Anemones gives the bees (and you) an eye-catching attraction that draws them in. Plus, it also offers a field full of nectar to feed from that will keep them healthy and busy as...well...bees! Enjoy this spectacular show of pollinators and plants all spring long from the first bloom in February until the last one in June.


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When it comes to pollinators, it can be tricky to find just the right combination of bulbs to give them exactly what they are looking for, while also keeping your garden looking just right for a cohesive aesthetic. But, with combinations like these, you won’t need to worry about planning any longer! Simply pop these bulb collections into the ground, consider adding some bulb food, and enjoy an entire spring full of color and pollinating power. To discover more collections or to view our catalogue, visit us online today!



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