The Impact of Bulbs on the Earth, Personal Health, and Well-Being

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“Plant bulbs and harvest smiles.”

This is our slogan here at Brent and Becky’s, and there are countless reasons why that’s so. Planting bulbs has many benefits, both personal and universal, including how bulbs affect Mother Nature.

Studies have shown fresh air is good for your health and overall mood, as is getting your hands dirty with soil.

Taking care of ourselves and taking care of others has always been important, and this year we’ve been reminded just how important this is over and over. In these eventful times, it can be therapeutic to turn to gardening—and planting bulbs in particular. Here are some reasons why planting bulbs is good for not only you but also the world.




Planting Bulbs Gets You Outside

Planting bulbs is good for your health because it gets you outside. Studies have shown fresh air is good for your health and overall mood, as is getting your hands dirty with soil. Research has shown that small doses of microbes and bacteria found in dirt help humans to boost their immune system, relieve anxiety, and make them feel happy. So get out there and get some soil under your fingernails!




Gardening Lifts Moods

Planting bulbs elevates your spirits. In our experience, few people can pass a flower without admiring and smiling at it—whether it’s an inside smile or an outside smile!

Part of what we love at Brent & Becky’s is sharing what we do with others, something beneficial to not only us but also others—we get the chance to share more about our passion, and other people get to learn about planting bulbs and all the benefits that come with it.

We always love taking people out into the garden to touch, smell, and sometimes even taste what’s growing. After a walk around the garden, you can especially see the delight in the eyes of children—seeing how something can grow from such a tiny seed or a miraculous bulb is truly incredible!

Plus, we love the anticipation of knowing what’s to come after you plant a bulb. Knowing we have something to look forward to—like beautiful blooms and fantastic foliage—makes us happy!




Planting Bulbs Benefits the Earth

Planting bulbs connects people to the Earth, a place we’re all a part of. While humans have impacted the Earth in many ways—and of course, not all have been positive—planting bulbs can be beneficial to this planet.

In general, we find that gardeners are among people who are more aware of their impact on the Earth—gardeners think about the ways they can give to the Earth and not just take from it so that we all have an environment to sustain us into the future.

One way to ensure we don’t negatively affect the Earth is by avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides instead of opting for natural alternatives, like organic matter to feed the soil and natural predators to keep pests at bay.

It’s important to avoid synthetic chemicals since the excess of what we’re putting on the soil in our gardens—fertilizers, for example—can run off into nearby waterways, which can negatively impact those environments.

We can relate gardening with chemical products to drinking energy drinks—they can provide quick and cheap relief, but instead of finding solutions to have healthy soil (or an awake mind), we’re covering up the problem. That’s why it’s best to opt for natural products and solutions in our garden, to create a healthy environment for our plants to thrive year after year.

Also, many spring-flowering bulbs are beneficial to pollinators. Bulbs are some of the first flowers to bloom in spring, providing food for our helpful pollinator friends. Crocuses and Allium are just a couple bulbs that attract pollinators.


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Providing some of the first colors we see in spring; bulbs bring smiles to our faces. And while we’re not medical doctors, we do like to say that smiles and laughter are two of the best medicines.


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